The Safe and sound System

Safe and sound is not a design on how to establish a method, but somewhat a design on the minimum amount prerequisites about employing your actual goals. I produced the Safe and sound design soon after a simple examine on what is preventing organisations in accomplishing their plans.

When a method does not develop success, quite a few use to say that the method is excellent but people today you should not implement it. I read tens of millions of excuses like that. My assumption is that a method that isn’t going to get the job done is a terrible method. So, let us see the attributes of a terrible method and then outline the Safe and sound method.

There are 4 most important causes techniques you should not get the job done:

1. The staff know practically nothing about the existence of a method. If they know there is a method, they you should not know what it is about. That is a widespread trouble in huge organisations. When they know what the method is about, confident enough they you should not treatment.

2. Very typically techniques are ambiguous. They deficiency precision and consistency. At times techniques concentration additional on what to prevent somewhat than what to realize.

3. A strategic doc is quite a few periods recognized as a established of principles or restrictions. People sense obliged to stick with it no matter of the terrible results.

4. When people today know about the method, realize it and treatment about it, most of the periods they you should not know what to do about it.

Now, let us go with the Safe and sound System design, which is just the inverse of that matrix of challenges. A method is Safe and sound when it is SHARED, Precise, Flexible and EXECUTABLE.

Shared- Any strategic files ought to arrive at all the people today from all the amounts of the organisation. The finest way to share a method is in a huge assembly or additional scaled-down conferences to require all people. E-mailing the doc is not a excellent strategy until a feed-back again is essential.

Precise- Each and every solitary goal ought to be accompanied by its particular indicators. The Wise design is a straightforward and excellent way for accomplishing accuracy. Really don’t overlook even so that Wise does not get the job done on damaging plans. Constantly formulate optimistic goals.

Flexible- Strategies are meant to encourage alter, not to cease it. You can identify at a look a terrible method when it does not include solutions or, in other text, the suggests of its have enhancement and adaptation.

Executable- A method that is not split in concrete duties at all amounts of the organisation is a squander of excellent paper. A strategic doc can not include particular steps for all people, but all people have to create particular steps from it. Filling in the execution gap is perhaps the most challenging and demanding action, but who said strategic management is uncomplicated?

Excellent luck and keep Safe and sound!

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