Project Management – Protecting against Challenge Slips

Can Challenge Managers reduce assignments from slipping?

Question a techie to come up with a program for a distinct listing of pursuits, and more frequently than not, he/she will present a rather accurate estimate. Some pursuits may possibly be underestimated, many others overestimated, but general, the prepare will be rather accurate.

Nevertheless, something takes place to these estimates in between the time the techie writes them down and the time the Project Manager publishes a baseline project schedule. That “something” is why assignments slip.

Jobs are inclined to slip for two good reasons. Possibly Challenge Managers never account for by-product pursuits this kind of as vacation times when scheduling the general project schedule, or they simply just succumb to the pressure from administration to compress the program.

The case encompassing by-product pursuits is well documented right here [] or on The Challenge Mangler (, so I is not going to devote any more time on it. The case encompassing administration pressure is not.

Management Tension

Assuming your techies have estimated every single activity and that you’ve thought of by-product pursuits, your project schedule really should be accurate. Intense, but real looking.

Now, present this program to the administration workforce, and eight occasions out of ten, the suggestions you are going to get is “that’s way too late”. Eight occasions out of 10, you are going to be questioned to revise the program and shorten it.

Challenge Managers are all way too familiar with the challenge triangle. We know we can shorten a program by either (a) cutting down the scope of the challenge, or (b) adding more assets to it. Sad to say, administration either has not noticed that triangle or, more probably than not, simply just chooses to ignore it.

For that reason, Challenge Manglers who are more interested in pleasing higher administration than holding straightforward have come up with their have universal algorithm for shortening challenge schedules. Take the selection of times that require to be slice from the program, divide it by the selection of main milestones, and then deduct that selection from the duration of every single milestone. In other words, if a challenge comprising of 4 main milestones is estimated to very last 6 months, but you require to cut down it by a single thirty day period, you’d consider 20 times, and divide it by 4. Take the remedy (5), and deduct it from the duration of every single milestone. And voila! Is effective each time.

And at the end of the challenge, either your techies preserve the day (by doing the job evenings or weekends) or the challenge slips.


Can Challenge Managers reduce assignments from slipping? Unquestionably. Just end publishing overly optimistic schedules.

one. Get your techies to support estimate the duration of every single growth activity.

two. Incorporate time to the general project schedule to account for by-product pursuits.

3. Never succumb to pressure from administration

And very last but not least…

4. Stick to the standard concepts driving the project management triangle. In other words, never be a Challenge Mangler.

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