Numbering System For Insurance policies and Procedures

Numbering policy and treatment paperwork can be easy or tricky dependent on how you ultimately decide on the numbering structure. I use easy numbering as you can see underneath but there are reasons for obtaining a far more complicated numbering technique. I will give you both equally possibilities and you can decide.

Selection one: Very simple technique. Initial of all, I like to do a 4 or five digit numbering technique for all insurance policies and processes. In other words, I don’t use a different figures for insurance policies and then a further for processes. Also, I like to use a sequential numbering starting up from a significant number like a thousand or ten thousand. For illustration, if I have a Human Means policy on relocation, a second treatment on Invest in Requisitions, and a third policy on Sorts Administration, then the numbering technique, dependent on a 4-digits, would be:

  1. a thousand – Relocation Coverage
  2. 1001 – Invest in Requisition Technique
  3. 1002 – Sorts Administration

In some providers, I have presented out ranges like a thousand to 1200 for Company Insurance policies and Procedures and 1201 to 1500 for Human Means and so on. The issue with ranges is that there is a likelihood of a office functioning of out figures, which by the way, took place a person time to me and it has in no way took place all over again. 

Selection two: Some insurance policies and processes writers use a far more elaborate technique to attempt and pinpoint precise locations within just departments. For illustration, a corporation may possibly use a structure this sort of as:

MF-RC-PE-1001 to stand for the initial treatment in the Receiving Office within just the Manufacturing Office. A policy may possibly have the number MF-RC-PL-1002 where by PL stands for policy. You get the picture.

I have to acknowledge that I did use this numbering structure early in my profession but it really is so tricky to preserve. And forget about ever protecting it when the departments change their identify. For illustration, when Business Providers becomes Administrative Providers or when Engineering becomes Investigation and Progress or when Business of the President becomes Company Workplaces. When this comes about, your entire numbering technique would have to change.

Summary: I want the 4 or five number numbering technique because of to its simplicity. I find the second solution as cumbersome but but some providers may possibly find superior reason to use it. The technique you pick out is your selection but all I propose is that you do some study as to how it will maintain up more than time in your corporation atmosphere.

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