Benefit Stream Mapping in Visio – Making use of Custom Stencils

Benefit Stream Mapping is an progressively common process of capturing the materials and data flows of a offered process by way of a manufacturing unit or workplace ecosystem – it is really a good instrument for highlighting process problems or bottlenecks and is usually utilized in the early phases of an advancement action to capture the as is condition of the enterprise action. Quite a few advancement executives like to capture value stream maps digitally, either throughout the mapping action or at the time the map has been captured on paper. There are a variety of selections for people wanting to do this either by way of dedicated value stream mapping software or though working with a single of the common Microsoft Office applications. Making use of a Microsoft Office instrument has a range of added benefits in that the user interface is quite typical for people that are familiar with the workplace deal and it has a extensive guidance network.

When it arrives to Microsoft Office – Microsoft Visio is a dedicated instrument for creating enterprise process maps but guidance has only recently been added to guidance Benefit Stream Mapping (You may have to get the Visio 2007 Skilled version if you want this performance).

Prior to this, for people wanting to digitally capture their Benefit Stream Maps this has meant either working with a 3rd occasion software instead of Visio or by way of working with an insert on stencil from a 3rd occasion company.

Visio is commonly supported by way of an considerable network of 3rd occasion software sellers and fans and there are lots of 3rd occasion produced stencils out there including some which guidance Benefit Stream Mapping.

When you’ve positioned a stencil that suits your desires – including it to Visio is a relatively uncomplicated affair

one. Help save the file to a spot on your laptop
2. Open Visio and use the File – Designs – Open Stencil Menu option
three. Import the Stencil

The Stencil need to now be out there to use and the classic Visio process of dragging and dropping designs can be utilized to assemble your map.

Most 3rd occasion Benefit Stream Mapping Visio Stencils involve guidance for typical icons including Buyer and Supplier icons, Process Icons and icons for mapping data and materials stream. Quite a few of these can be annotated with custom made text to depict the process staying mapped.

Making use of drag and drop the value stream map can be manufactured quite rapidly – there are several added benefits to undertaking this in that if issues are built it is really quickly rectifiable and the as-is map can be utilized as the basis for creating a long run condition map.

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