A Therapeutic massage Therapy Business – How to Make 6 Figures in Your Therapeutic massage Therapist Business

This posting discusses if and how a therapeutic massage therapist really can make 6 figures in their therapeutic massage treatment business.

Truthfully, the median cash flow for therapeutic massage therapists is underneath $fifty,000 for every yr. Several receive considerably less than this. This is predominantly because lots of pick out to function part time. But what about the entrepreneur who would like a whole time therapeutic massage treatment business and wishes to make a 6 determine cash flow?

How To Make 6 Figures From Your Therapeutic massage Therapist Business

Perfectly most therapeutic massage therapists have a foundation level that equates to close to a greenback for every minute, so an hour therapeutic massage would be close to $sixty. Mind you, I have found considerably increased, in 2002 I stayed at an upmarket vacation resort in Fiji that billed $250 USD for every hour for a therapeutic massage! But let’s use $sixty for every hour for this example.

6 x one hour therapeutic massage for every working day, 6 times for every week, 48 months for every yr. This is undoubtedly ‘do-able’. two therapies in the morning, four in the afternoon / night, 6 times for every week with one thirty day period off for every yr for holiday break, and you happen to be making a 6 determine cash flow. $103,680 to be actual.

Though a business like this would undoubtedly get time to set up, it is really certainly achievable. This leads us to two even further inquiries:

one. How to make 6 figures in your therapeutic massage treatment business while doing the job less than this?
two. For the really ambitious – how to make even More than this in your therapeutic massage therapist business?

one – How To Perform Fewer And However Make 6 Figures In Your Therapeutic massage Therapy Business?

Though this function load would not be an problem for some, for others, the assumed of averaging 6 x one hour massages for every working day, 6 times for every week is a little bit too considerably for their liking. So to make the exact amount of money while doing the job less, it is really very simple, substitute some of your therapeutic massage profits with a distinctive type of profits that you can nevertheless make in your therapeutic massage business.

For example, let’s say you want to do 6 less massages for every week. Alternatively of 6 for every working day, you want to common five for every working day. Or it’s possible you want to function five times for every week relatively than 6. You need to have to find a substitute profits earner to carry in $360 for every week.

The most straightforward way, offer goods, listed here are some ideas:

· Therapeutic massage oils
· Therapeutic massage publications
· Therapeutic massage films
· Therapeutic massage pillows and rollers
· Yoga and Pilates goods
· Therapeutic massage novelty goods – like mugs and t-shirts

You can also operate a study course the moment for every thirty day period educating therapeutic massage for dwelling use. You can specialise in a particular therapeutic massage area of interest like:

· Deal with and scalp therapeutic massage
· Back, neck and shoulder therapeutic massage
· Couples therapeutic massage
· Therapeutic massage for infants

If you have just 10 men and women paying out $200 for an all working day, or weekend study course, that is $2000.

two – How To Make Even More Than 100K For every Year From Your Therapeutic massage Therapist Business?

When you get to a 6 determine cash flow level, you might find you are so enthused with your business that you just don’t want to prevent, your entrepreneurial genes kick in and you want to raise your cash flow even even further.

Of study course you can insert all the points I outlined above, offer goods, operate courses, but there’s also a different major method… leverage.

Leverage Your Therapeutic massage Therapy Business

This means leverage your time. If you are accomplishing 6 massages for every working day, all you need to have to do to triple your cash flow is do eighteen massages for every working day, except of study course you could not bodily do it!

But if you are at this level of business knowledge, you could undoubtedly scale up your advertising to raise your clientele, and use other therapeutic massage therapists. Imagine obtaining one, two or three other therapeutic massage therapists doing the job for you and you retaining fifty% of what they make. That’s the electrical power of leverage.

This might feel a daunting method, but when you have recognized a successful therapeutic massage treatment business and have accrued some business expertise and entrepreneurial expertise, leveraging your business in this way can get your cash flow to a absolutely new level that you might have the moment assumed difficult for you.

I hope these ideas on how to make 6 figures from your individual therapeutic massage therapist business have supplied you food stuff for assumed and influenced you to set increased ambitions for in which you want to get your business. Other successful therapeutic massage treatment corporations are accomplishing it and reaping the rewards, why not you too?

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